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Update on Soles 4 Souls

Posted on Dec 11, 2012 by

Editor’s note:  The following was written by Heidi and Torie Horning, mother and daughter (7th grader) duo who were part of the mission trip to Haiti from our church in Beulah, ND.  I am so impressed with these two gals!  Both have returned with a renewed faith and excitement for ministry and to share the love of Christ with everyone!

The children at the Life is Hope orphanage were truly the highlight of our mission trip to Haiti in July 2012. As we entered the gate daily the children would surround us and pull us to come and spend time with them. They are very beautiful and each one had a unique quality. The relationships we built with them were loving and nurturing. The children loved to be held and hugged. They always wanted a hand on them along with a smile to show them you cared. Passing out pillowcase dresses and baseball caps was a way to show love towards them and they were excited to receive them. The children knew about Jesus and enjoyed the VBS skits, bible stories, songs, games and crafts that our group did with them. They were clothed and fed, but needed some attention. Some kids would climb up into our laps and fall asleep. They liked the security of our presence. No matter what their situation was, most of the children were very happy and smiled often. Some of them liked to play games like jump rope, soccer and bouncy balls. Others liked to play dominos, hand clapping games and tic tac toe. Whether your special friend was active or not, the time spent with them was cherished by both parties. The children at the orphanage will remain a part of our thoughts and prayers.

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