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How Many of Your Photos See the Light of Day?

Posted on Jan 22, 2013 by

I was visiting with a friend of mine the other day who is just learning how to use her DSLR camera.  We spent a few hours together and it was a lot of fun.  Shout out to Jackie Emter!  She was also the lucky recipient of a free seat in Katrina Kennedy’s holiday photo class.   She is very excited to learn how to use her camera.

She asked me a question that sort of stopped me in my tracks…how many of your photos have you printed?  I paused…one of those pregnant pauses…and had to honestly answer only a few.  I do not have any of my current photos printed and hanging on my walls.  I have a canvas and some photos hanging in a local coffeeshop which is a good thing.  It seems that my only photos that do indeed see the light of day are ones that I am creating for a customer.  Most of my photos are either uploaded onto my Smug Mug store or onto this blog!  I was rather ashamed.  If I want to promote myself as a business, I have to print out my photos and have them hanging in my home and my office.  (Which actually is not there yet, I will be setting up my very own office in the coming month.)  So, I will be fixing that little problem in the near future and printing out more photos.

I want to ask you, “How many of your photos are printed and hanging in your home and not hidden on your computer or a photo album?”  If this post resonated with you, please comment here and lets get a discussion going!  And if you like this post and my photos I hope you will subscribe to my blog either by e-mail or RSS feed in the sidebar.

Thanks for coming by!
Paula Jo

Pssssst!  Here are 2 photos that I want to print and have in my office!  Click on the small “hide” button in the lower right bar to hide the text.  Then click on the arrow to play a slideshow and see the photos in all their glory!

A Penny for your thoughts?!