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The Joys of Teaching

Posted on Feb 11, 2013 by

2 Little Sunday School AngelsTeaching.  I have wanted to teach ever since high school.  I received a bachelor’s degree in both Elementary Education and Special Education.  I taught third grade for 3 years and then decided public school wasn’t for me!

But I knew that I still wanted to teach in some way, somewhere.  I have worked many jobs since teaching in public school:  working in a post office, a library, a drugstore, a chiropractic office, an antique store, a greenhouse, a photo lab at a drug store, and my most recent job as a volunteer and bereavement coordinator in our local Hospice.  I guess you could say I was trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up!

During these years of trying to figure that out, I did teach Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and Bible Studies at whatever church my husband and I were at.  I found I love to teach others how to study the Word of God.  Many people encouraged me along the way and I really feel like I have the gift of teaching.  However, last summer when I was deciding if I would teach another year of Sunday School, I almost  said no.  It can be very frustrating when you only have 1 student come to class on Sunday, and even sometimes no students! It can also be frustrating when I just don’t feel I am getting through to the students.  Teaching can be like that.  What I teach a student today may not bear fruit until years later and I may never know!  That’s what I call teaching in faith!

After some soul searching and praying, I decided to teach this year but knew I was going to have to change things up a bit.  Use different methods.  Add topics to the regular curriculum.  Pray.  Get to know the students better.  Pray.  You get the idea.  Oh, and did I say PRAY?  So far, this year has been going much better and I am enjoying teaching once more.

I want to encourage all teachers out there, public school and church school alike, to keep going!  Teaching can be difficult at times, but know that what you are doing is important and can change a child’s (or adult’s) life forever!  Look to other teachers/mentors for encouragement when things are hard.  If you are teaching God’s Word you can rely on the promise that God’s Word will never return void, but accomplish the purposes God has for it!  Rest in that promise.

And oh, did I say….Pray?

I want to thank a few very important teachers in my life:  Mrs. Wilson (5th grade), Mr. Sayre (6th grade), and Pastor Conrad Tollefson (my confirmation pastor who also happened to marry my husband and I).  You’ll never know how much you influenced me….Thank you!

I would love to hear your teaching stories, so please come and share.  What was your best teaching experience?  What was your worst?  Who was your favorite teacher and why?  If you enjoyed this post, please subscribe by e-mail or RSS Feed to receive updates whenever I post!  Thanks for reading!



  1. Paula Jo, your post today is most synchronous, as I announced last week to my authors and other writing friends that the working title for the next (4th) eBook is Teacher-Student Memories: Love Revealed. Appreciation for these far reaching relationships must be in the air.

    • What a coincidence, eh, Dena? Haha, I love it!

  2. I took the year off from teaching Sunday School because of surgeries & being able to visit my mom, I really miss teaching, especially my kids that I taught for 4 years straight. So by the Grace of God and his Will I will return next year…..<3 <3

    • Hey Nancy! I hope you will return to teaching if the Lord leads you!

  3. Just this Sunday in church, my granddaughter says to me, ” Grandma, I love coming to church because I get to see you and you are my Sunday School teacher.” Now isn’t that the best reward any one can receive:)

    • Indeed it is Carmen!! Wow…thanks for sharing and caring for your grandchildren every Sunday and being a great Sunday School teacher!

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