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Following A Dream

Posted on Feb 18, 2013 by

Have you ever had a dream to do something or go somewhere or be someone that you never thought possible?

Ever since I have been pursuing my photography, I have looked online for training courses I could take to further my photography knowledge.  I have taken some individual courses here and there from different organizations.  Over a year ago, I found an online program at Sessions College for Professional Design.  It looked perfect for me, but our daughter was still in college and we just didn’t have the money available for me to go back to school.  So, I filed the idea away.  Every month, I would get an e-mail from them telling me that month’s tuition special.  Several times, they offered one that looked so good, but it just wasn’t time yet!  Meanwhile, I set up my own SmugMug Store online to sell my photos and photo art.  Then, last November I created my own Photo Blog through WordPress.  Last year I also began administering our church’s National Women’s Facebook page and blog.  I found I was really enjoying creating websites and wanted to learn more about web designing.

Last Thursday, I received an e-mail from Sessions College telling me that the application deadline for signing up for classes starting in March was February 16th.  If I signed up by then I could waive a $200 registration fee.  An inticing offer.  Then I read further in the e-mail and I saw they were offering a special concentration of web design classes for free this month.  That made me jump out of my chair and get VERY excited!  This seemed perfect, photography and web design classes!  I started praying, talking to my husband and the bank (of course) and we decided to jump in!

I have applied to the college, placed a tuition down payment, and applied for a loan to cover my tuition.  It was really scary but so exciting at the same time!  My husband has always been very encouraging and he is behind me 100%.  I texted my daughter and she told me she was very proud of me.  I jokingly said that I would probably be the oldest student there.  And you know what she said?  She said, “That doesn’t matter, Mom!”

And you know, it doesn’t matter!  I am following a dream…and perhaps I finally know what I want to be when I grow up!

I encourage all of you to follow your dreams too!  If you have to file them away for awhile, do that but don’t forget them.  Pursue them, and when the timing is right…jump in!  I would love to hear your stories of pursuing dreams.  Tell me what your dreams are, and how you followed through or would like to follow through in the future!  Let’s encourage one another.


  1. That’s so great! I’m sure you’ll learn lots of interesting things. Have a great time!

    • Thanks Daniela! I am so excited about it all! And there is even another “mature” member of my group starting in March! haha

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