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Photographing Food

Posted on Feb 18, 2013 by

My prompt for today was to photograph my food…I almost forgot so I had started eating already!  At the time we ate supper, the natural light was not there so this was taken with the light in our dining room.  Natural light would have been better.  I tried to take it from a lower perspective to add interest.  I also included my sliverware to draw the eye to the food.

On the menu today was a recipe called “Company Beans” where you throw in any veggies you have, some kidney beans, spices, and I added some spaghetti sauce to add more flavor.  The chicken was just a couple of chicken breasts sauteed in olive oil with basil, sea salt, and pepper added as well as balsamic vinegar.  A very good taste…

My supper!


  1. So I am likeing the photo but am totally enjoying the Company Beans. I have to try them…hmm where are my priorities!

    • You are so funny Jackie! I can post the recipe…shall I?

    • Jackie you are so funny! Shall I post the recipe?

      • Oh yes, yes, Please?

        • I will make a separate post with the recipe Jackie!

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