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Morning Prayer by Eden’s Bridge

Posted on Apr 23, 2013 by

I was driving home from Bismarck recently….by myself with my music blaring.  I am quite partial to Celtic music and the album I was listening to was Celtic Praise and Worship by Eden’s Bridge.  Lovely music…

To get your morning started right listen to one of my favorites:  “Morning Prayer”


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Here are the words for you to meditate on:

This is Your day…

Lord, I give You this day.
Lord, I offer the best and the worst of my life,
And the shine of Your glory is
Never so much as a moment away.
Lord, I give You this day,
For without You my load is too heavy to bear.
And each road and each footpath
Traverse the high mountain if You are not there.

This is Your day.

Lord, I give You this day,
From the greatest to humblest of all that I do.
Be my friend and my shield,
My protector, my Father, my comforter spirit,
My brother and guide.

Lord, I give You this day,
Whether sleeping or waking, I long for Your love.
At the birth and the death,
At the dawning and dusk, at beginning and end,
Lord, be here in my day and my living.

This is Your day…

Be blessed to be a blessing today!


  1. Thank you Paula Jo..I loved this!

    • Oh, I am so glad Jackie! I am planning to listen/meditate on these words every morning for awhile! I have been MIA for awhile but am back now and wanting to share lots of content and photos. Thanks for being such a great fan of my blog!

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