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Processing Snow Photos

Posted on Apr 23, 2013 by

Love the curves on this drift!

Well, here are my photos from this amazing storm we had on April 20-21 that closed down the Interstate across the length of North Dakota.  It is difficult to process snow photos.  I took these in Raw and edited them in Lightroom.  I read somewhere that it was best to meter snow photos at 1 stop higher than you would any other subject to make the snow as white as possible and that is what I did.  But I still had to make some small adjustments.  For the most part I had to brighten the exposure, fix the white balance, and adjust contrast and clarity on all the photos.

Other links to check out on photographing and processing snow:

The last 3 links above are all by Debbie Hodge and give you a complete understanding of exposure which is what photographing snow is all about!

Let me know what you think of the way I processed them!  Feel free to share your snow photos!  I would love to see them!

To view the gallery, just click on the “Home” link from the menu button in the bottom left corner of the blog just to the right of my logo.  (Or when you first come to my blog you will see all the galleries you can visit.)  The Beulah blizzard gallery should be the first gallery you see.  Click on the “View Gallery” link.  You can also choose a different gallery by clicking on the small circles in the bottom right corner.  Once you are in the gallery you can scroll through the gallery either by swiping the photos on your iPad or clicking the right facing arrow in the bottom right corner to create a slideshow.

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