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Photoshop Basics Lesson 4

Posted on Apr 29, 2013 by

Qantas-Airlines-Ad2_Paula-joWe learned some basics about Typography in lesson 4.  Our assignment was to use the text our teacher provided and create a magazine ad for Qantas Airlines.  We learned some basics about making an ad, which was fun for me.  I learned that Australia is often referred to as the land of Oz, thus the use of the title above.  We were able to choose our own photos for this.  I was particularly proud of the way I blended the B & W photo into the color photo and overlaid the Alice Springs sign onto the photo of Ayers Rock.

This is a special flight created non-stop direct from Wichita to Alice Springs…you better buy your tickets now!  🙂

My teacher was really impressed with my art and gave me my highest grade yet!  Here are his words:

“I am impressed with your work on this. The individual blends and compositing is great, but more than that you create a balanced, effective ad design. Your placement of each of the parts makes sense. The first third on the left is the Kansas scene, and the two third majority of the visual is the destination. You are pushing our eyes toward Australia, and our minds there as well. Great job on combining theme with layout. Great job!”

Grade:  97


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