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Photoshop Basics Lesson 5

Posted on Apr 29, 2013 by

We explored a lot about brushes, how to use them, create them from any image, save them, change the settings, etc.  We also learned how to use a brush to colorize a B & W photo.  What a fun lesson.  Our assignment was to create a DVD cover for any movie or create a book cover for any book we chose.  I have always loved the movie “Gone With the Wind” so that was my immediate thought as I was researching what to do.  I found some great photos to use and went to work.  The photo of Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh was originally B & W and I colorized it using the colors on another color photo I found of them.  I felt like I was really painting!

Here is what my teacher said:

“Excellent work. The colorizing is great, the placement and use of the original images, is strong. The layout, placement of titles and add-ons is great.” 

Grade:  95


A Penny for your thoughts?!