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Trains and Tracks

Posted on Apr 30, 2013 by

Walk at Annikas-210

There is something quite paradoxical about trains and tracks!  I bet you didn’t know that.

Riding on trains has always been very comforting to me.  From the very first ride I can remember as a young girl when my family visited my cousins in Texas, to hopping on and off trains in Europe in college, to traveling to Minneapolis to visit my daughter, I always felt very safe on trains.  The clicking of the train on the tracks was a comforting sound.

But tracks on the other hand seem to have an air of mystery and excitement to them.  When I stood (and sometimes laid on the ground) on the tracks above and took my photos, I thought about my daughter and I.  These are tracks very close to my daughter’s home in Minneapolis.  Annika is settling down somewhat as a “working girl” and yet she has so much to look forward to.  Her tracks are leading…well, who knows where?!  She has the whole world in front of her and so much to look forward to.  Who knows what lies around the next bend.  My tracks, however, are not as curvy anymore and there is not as much mystery.  I am very settled in on my tracks.  Sometimes, I wish I could be young again, not knowing whats coming, but most times I am happy being where I am in life.  I am excited for my daughter…to see just where her tracks will take her!

A Penny for your thoughts?!