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Picture Me

Posted on May 13, 2013 by

I can honestly say that there are many things I picture in my head.  You see, I am a visual person and that’s how I think!

  • I picture a project done
  • I picture the best sunset ever (and hope I am there with my camera!)
  • I picture my daughter in my mind when she is far away
  • I picture flowers in my mind a lot…

But, I can also honestly say that I forget to picture God in my mind many days.

It happens when things are going good and I think I am in control of things.

It happens when things are not so good and I let fear crowd God out.

I listened to this song recently and it really spoke to me.  I hope on this busy Monday (and every day), you will take the time to Picture God!


Here are the words to meditate upon:

Picture Me in time of plenty
Picture Me when the house is empty
Picture Me in the river flowing
Picture Me when nothing’s growing
I am there with you,
I am there with you.

Picture Me in the church on Sunday
Picture Me in the car on Monday
Picture Me when it all goes well
And Picture Me when it feels like…
And I am there with you,
I am there with you.

Now and then it’s forgotten
That’s when your strength fails
Lift your eyes to heaven
And find the way, find the way

PIcture Me in the early sunrise
Picture Me in the darkness of night
PIcture Me when the way is easy
Picture Me when you are needy
I am there with you,
I am there with you.

Walk the path that’s waiting
Fears won’t make you stray
There’s a home that’s waiting
If you find the way, find the way.

You may not know
And I’d love to show you
That you can make it so
But how can you see with your eyes closed?
Picture Me, Picture Me, Picture Me, Picture Me.

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