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Compositional Tip: Framing

Posted on May 16, 2013 by

This week I wanted to concentrate on a very simple tip that will really help your photos!  It’s called framing.  When you can use objects that are naturally occurring in the vicinity of the subject of your photo, and position that framing element in the right place in the viewfinder/LCD panel, you really draw attention to your focal point.

Look at the next 2 photos.  These were taken south of Big Sky in Montana near the West entrance to Yellowstone.  I used the fence in the foreground to frame and point the eye to the mountain in the background.

Big Sky Trip-020

This next photo is even better because there is nothing that obstructs your view of the mountain.  But the fence on the side, to me, makes it a more pleasing composition.  Big Sky Trip-027

Another way to add a “frame” is during the post-processing phase.  I added a simple vignette in Lightroom to draw attention to the cross at the top of the building.  The sky was a very dull white (cloudy) and the vignette breaks that up too and makes it much more pleasing to the eye.Cemetery building_Golden Valley, NDSo, the next time you are ready to snap that picture, look around the subject and see if there is anything that can be used to frame it and bring attention to your subject.

Happy photographing!

And BTW, I will try my darndest not to use any more snow photos!  It’s springtime in North Dakota!   Finally!