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Floral Friday_6-7-13

Posted on Jun 7, 2013 by

This photo was taken in the early morning in a friend’s garden last summer.  I love shooting when the light is so wonderful.  The light from the far right and slightly behind makes the petals look almost translucent!

Plan your next photo shoot, whether flowers or landscapes, for the early morning or just before sunset (the golden hour).  You will be most amazed at what you get.  Play around with the light source taking some photos with the light behind the subject, some with the light from the side and some with the light behind you.

I didn’t do much processing with this.  Here is the original:

P7306128-OriginalI did my processing in Lightroom:  I adjusted for exposure (a bit brighter), clarity, shadows (I wanted to bring out the center of the flower that was in shadow so I lightened the shadows),  vibrance, cropping to square to keep the focus on the flower alone, and finally lowered the highlights just a bit.

What do you think of the processing?  Would you do anything different?  I would love to hear from you!



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