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Typography Class_Lesson 2

Posted on Jun 28, 2013 by

black_white_paulajo_web mirror-image_paulajo_web perspective_paulajo_webFor our second lesson in Typography, we learned about the 12 different classifications of typefaces and how type can be images!  We then had to choose some words and “depict” them with our choice of font, effects, and color.  The final version had to show what the word was!  This was so fun for me.  The above 3 images are what I created.  I hope you like them!

Do you think I chose the right fonts to depict the words?  Let me know in the comments below!



  1. I love it. You did a terrific job of using your creativity to illustrate the assignment.

    • Thanks so much Linda! Our last lesson was to choose a famous person, “illustrate” their name with a display (fancy) font and then use it on a project. The person I chose was the famous photographer Ansel Adams. I had to research him to find out all I could about him so I could choose the right font for his name. And then, I used his name on a home page of a website! I will post that soon.

  2. So cleverly done, Paula Jo. Mission accomplished.
    ( :

    • Thank you so much Dena! That means a lot to me! I finished my Typography class and now am into learning HTML and CSS for website design! Woo Hoo! By the Way…I got a 95 on this exercise!

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